Thursday, 28 October 2010


This is just a load more stuff out of my little book that I took on my travels.  The writings pretty small, sorry about that, most of the time the big blocks of writing is from nights when we're waiting it out through the night. Taz falls asleep pretty easy, I found it difficult.  So the lack of sleep makes it hard to understand what I'm rambling on about.  I quite like the look of the pages though, when they're full of scratchy little writing.

This passport controle picture is Taz's favorite, i did it for her after the.. incident.

Tuesday, 19 October 2010


This little story is about our 2nd night of sleeping rough. On a train platform to be exact.

The pages from my book Im putting up are in no particular oder, the drawings and little stories are all higgledy piggledy in there. And seen as though my memory is pretty bad, its kind of nice because I get reminded of things, which remind me of other things.. and so on.

In no particular oder also (because, shamefully, I can't remember what order), we visited.. 
Paris, Amsterdam, Berlin, Budapest, Serbia, Croatia, Slovenia, Austria. 

Visipipa - Hungarian for Sheesha

More comming soon. Im going to type out what Ive written for other pages but I write far too small and I have a headache so Im not going to start now.